Introduction About Our Company Creation Talent landscape

We have been providing landscaping services for over 10 years. We specialize in garden designs, lawn care, and shrub care. Currently, we are serving the Middle east area • Our customers rely on us to design, build, maintain, and enhance the exterior appearances of their homes. Our unparalleled knowledge and technical capabilities allow us to change a typical everyday look into a completely unique atmosphere. • The satisfaction of our customers is our chief priority, and for that, we offer our personal and professional services. We provide outstanding gardening and landscaping services, as well as quality lawn care to our residential customers. Fulfilling the needs of our customers is our greatest priority, and we feel proud to serve our customers for every job, no matter how big or small it is.

Our Area of Expertise Some of our landscaping services are as follows:

  1. Lawn Care
  2. Shrub Care
  3. Garden Designs
  4. Landscaping

One of the benefits that our customers have from us is that we never ask them to sign any contract. You can hire us per hour for any job, and our work will speak for itself. Our aim is to keep your grass greener than your neighbors.

We also offer free lawn care consultations and estimates to our customers. We understand that the outdoor appearance of your house affects the overall beauty, so we work hard to keep it looking attractive and healthy at the same time.

We provide a one-stop shop to our customers for all of the areas of landscaping

Our main focus is on garden design and lawn care services. Keeping in mind that every customer has different needs, we customize all of our designs and concepts to satisfy each customer in a different way. • It does not matter what type of design you have in mind, we will make sure that you receive the highest quality of service. We will work hard until you are satisfied with the final work. • If you are looking for an experienced landscape partner, whether you are a real estate owner, public agency, homeowner or a property manager, we promise you that we will strive to fulfill your needs beyond your imagination.

Our Strategy • Vision Statement

P&M is supervised by our specialist team, • Our company consists of very efficient and professional staff. The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. The team is well-known due to their capabilities and professionalism. • Our payment plan is flexible, and garden and lawn designs are expansive and unique. No matter how the weather is, we will make sure that your grass always remains green and fresh. The team consists of highly trained managers, architects, field personnel and office personnel, and together we have developed our company into one of the best landscape companies in this region.

Mission Statement

The core of our success is our faithful commercial and residential customers. We have steadily grown into a broad full-service landscape design and garden maintenance company through personal recommendations by our valuable customers, and we feel confident in saying that we can fulfill your every desire. We promise that we will provide you with the best service, and also give personal attention to your landscape plans. • Our aim is to win the complete confidence of our customers with our high performance. We ensure that our customers get the highest level of service every time. • Our standard is to provide every customer with the best personalized service. In return, we have gained the confidence of our customers and enjoyed a superior reputation. We promise to provide all types of landscaping services, whether it is maintenance-related or design.

 We value our relationship with our customers

Our team coordinates with the customers in every step to make sure that our customers get the right services based on their needs. That is why we continue to be one of the best landscape contractors in this region. We wish to continue our tradition of providing high quality services, extraordinary attention to detail, and unbeatable customer satisfaction. • We are famous for our creativity, service, and quality. We provide our residential and commercial landscape services in many different areas according to the needs of our customers. Our efficient team can also guide you in project management, budgeting, maintenance and formal estimating as needed.

What we can do?

We are a full-service contractor for garden design and lawn care. We provide the best landscaping and maintenance services in Middle east area. We are making additions to our services to give outstanding services to our valued clients. • P&M Landscaping will help you achieve your landscaping goals by getting it done expertly, on time and for a reasonable price. All you need to do to maintain your landscaped property is hire our highly professional landscape architect.

Landscaping Services The services we provide to our customers are: • Garden Plans A comprehensive range of ideas to create a green, and a wonderful garden. • Landscaping Ideas A wide range of garden design initiatives for front yard and backyard. • Garden Maintenance Keeping a garden is a full-time task – leave it to our experts. • Snow Removal We will remove snow for you during the winter season. • Spring and Fall Cleanups Our team will clear the leaves left behind by fall and spring seasons. • Landscape Designs We can assist you in creating a wonderful landscape design.

Spring Landscape Maintenance After a long winter

get your garden ready for the spring season. • Lawn Mowing Keep your garden lush and tidy by hiring us to mow your lawn. • Plant Health Care To keep your plants healthy, we provide plant health care and an Integrated Pest Management Program. Our expert technicians examine your site and determine if there are pests or diseases infecting your plants. • Residential Designs We provide special deck and water features, lighting, outdoor living and other services to enhance the beauty of your home. No matter what type of service you require, whether it is an improvement to your existing landscape or a full-service design and installation, we will strive to create the perfect landscape for you. • Outdoor Rooms We also offer outdoor room services to our clients. Whether you need an additional room for a fire pit, bathhouse or an outdoor kitchen, we will enhance your home with the type of outdoor room you want.

Commercial Landscaping

We provide pre-construction services, like budgeting and design evaluation to our customers, and we work with their landscape architects to establish the kind of landscape our customers want. We also offer maintenance services because after the installation is complete, it is necessary to keep the landscape in good condition. • We will assign a supervisor for your maintenance project, and he will oversee all of the aspects of your landscape maintenance. • The main focus of our company is to provide our customers with comprehensive lawn care and garden designs, so they will be completely covered with our landscaping services.

 Area Coverage

Our company is a landscape maintenance contractor for different types of lawn, garden and shrub care in the area See our service areas below: • Lebanon • Bahrain • Cyprus.